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The Claudian Caucus is a Singapore-based intellectual property business advisory & consulting firm that provides IP services to emerging and established technology companies and investors from around the world.

Bringing expertise from the Silicon Valley, Claudian is the first firm to provide patent strategy and business advisory to the startup ecosystem in Asia.

Jonas Koh
Founder &
Executive Director
07 Photo_Jonas Koh.jpg

Prior to returning to Singapore, Jonas was a Consultant to a Silicon Valley biotechnology startup famous for market leading biopharma solutions and next-generation therapeutics. He advised on IP strategies, assisted with tailoring their technology R&D and product offerings, and navigation within the crowded biopharma space.

As a UC Berkeley Alumnus (LL.M.) (Certificate of Specialization in Law and Technology), he has worked on various projects that help clients transform their operations and processes.

Combining his expertise in Patent Law and Investment Banking and Corporate Finance, he has advised venture capital and investment banking firms, and emerging companies on technology investments.  

Jonas is the also the first Singaporean to clerk at the US Federal Courts. Serving as a Judicial Law Fellow at the District Court of the Northern District of California, he clerked for two different judges, and worked on various complex disputes, ranging from patent disputes to securities litigation, with a focus on technology related cases. Some of the highlights include (i) a patent dispute between an individual patent owner and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company; (ii) a cross-border trademark license dispute between Sharp Inc. and Hisense Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries; and (iii) a securities litigation involving AMD, the second-largest silicon chip maker. Drawing upon his unique judicial perspective, he is well-versed in all things related to technology (from software to life sciences) to provide effective IP and business solutions.  

He is also budding thought leader in FinTech and technology matters, and was most recently invited to speak at the Chinese University of Hong Kong to present his latest FinTech papers (Crypto Conundrum Part I: Navigating Singapore's Regulatory Regime; Crypto Conundrum Part II: A Multi-Jurisdictional Uncertainty).

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