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For Investors

Technology Investment Risks

The failure rate of startups is around 90%. 

  • 21% fail in the 1st year. 

  • 30% fail in the 2nd year. 

  • 50% fail in the 5th year. 

  • 70% fail in the 10th year. 


Tech Risks: 70% tech companies fail around 20 months after first raising financing.

Traditional IB or P/L analysis is insufficient to determine if a Technology Investment is worthwhile. Understanding the patent landscape and detailed sector analysis will reduce your investment risk. 

We offer valuation of IP assets and IP-rich business to lower your investment risks, especially in the technology sector. 

Specialized Solutions to Realise Tech Investments

Whether you are seeking to grow your investment portfolio in the technology space or exit certain technology investments, we offer specialized services to private equity firms to assist you to realise your investments. 


I. Valuation of IP assets and IP-rich businesses

  • Strategic assessment and valuation of IP assets

  • Specialized IP business consulting and risk management

II. IP Analysis, Acquisition & Divestiture

  • Specific industry, technology and IP landscaping

  • Dealings with IP sellers, and brokers 

  • Assistance with purchase, sale and spin-off of IP assets

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