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For Companies

Uncertainty over IP/Patent Registration

Do I need to register for IP or patent protection? 

Allow us to make an initial landscaping assessment of your specific sector/industry. Registration is often a long drawn out process and may be costly. If patent licensing is an option, we will identify the necessary patents and assist with a cost-efficient licensing solution.  

Alternatively, purchasing the necessary patents may also be a more effective business solution. 

Crowded or complicated IP / Patent Landscape

Is your sector/industry's patent landscape crowded and complicated?

There might be hundreds patented methods / systems but only a few overarching principal patents. We offer patent analytics and a strategic assessment to clear the muddied waters. 

Problems commercializing IP assets / Patents

Are you looking to bring your product to market? Or seeking to be the next Tesla or Genentech? 

We offer solutions to fully utilize your IP assets / patents to generate revenue and growth. We will identify areas for IP expansion and commercial growth. 

In most cases, investors are not aware of the importance of your patents in the market. If you have the potential to be the next Tesla or Genentech, we will valuate your patents, assist to convince investors that your IP has the potential to generate growth. 


I. IP Strategy

  • Strategic IP business consulting and risk management

  • Specialized IP creation, acquisition and portfolio development

II. IP Analysis

  • Strategic assessment and valuation of IP assets

  • Specific industry, technology and IP landscaping

III. Market Entry / Exit Assistance

  • Dealings with IP sellers, and brokers 

  • Assistance with purchase, sale and spin-off of IP assets

  • IP due diligence and inbound risk assessment for IPO / M&A

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